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Lifehack – Truth About Credit Cards

Back in the day, I always associated credit cards directly with debt. If you had a credit card, you were in debt. If you didn’t have a credit card, you were wealthy.

During my journey, I learned the real truth about credit cards.

Credit cards are simply a form of payment – the same as cash, checks (for us older folks) and debit cards. That’s it – plain and simple. The feature of credit cards that is our downfall is the fact that the bank they are issued through gives us a special “limit” that they will allow us to spend without them saying “no more”. This is where people, and I was one of those people, turn a simple credit card into debt. We make purchases with an intention of paying for it when the bill comes, but when it comes, something new has come up and we can’t pay in full. And after a few months of this, we find ourselves on the hamster wheel of debt and paying interest.

Here is the truth about credit cards – credit cards have great benefits if they can be used as intended, as a form of payment. This means that you pay for something using your credit card and once a month, you make one payment to the bank, paying the bill off in full. This is what I do with all of our monthly bills. They all go on one card I have – a Disney Chase card – and once a month, I pay it in full. This has several benefits: Disney points to use on our vacations, one payment per month instead of multiple and it automates all of my payments, giving me one due date instead of 12.

For many years, I was unable to use a credit card as intended. And in the process, accumulated a butt load of debt. When I paid the debt off, I still shyed away from them because I never wanted to go back on the hamster wheel again. Once I knew, for sure, that I could use a credit card as intended, I decided to take advantage of the benefits.

Here’s the moral of the story – if used as intended, as a form of payment, a credit card can be beneficial. However, if using a credit card is causing debt in your finances, then stop using them immediately. It’s not about the card – it’s about how it is used.

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I Just Need More Time

More time – I need more time!

How many times have we said this – in our career, in our finances, in our relationships? We think all we need is more time and that will fix everything. But this is simply not true.

Our finances go deeper than time. I always thought I needed one more paycheck, one more month, one more year and then I would get my finances in order. But I was fooling myself. Time wasn’t my problem – my stinky money habits were my problem and this was something that more time wouldn’t fix.

This was something I had to fix. I had to get fed up with my situation enough to say, “That’s it! I’ve had it! I’m not going to live like this anymore”. And as many of you know, I had that revelation sitting on my living room floor 21 years ago.

So let me ask you – and it’s just me and you here – do you think all you need is more time? Giving more time to a sinking ship doesn’t keep it from sinking. And odds are giving you more time won’t miraculously fix your finances. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet your credit card companies and loan companies have given you more time already. So if more time hasn’t worked, what will work?

When you get fed up enough – like I did – there are many things you can do in order to pay down your debt, build your emergency fund and build wealth. Here are some for you to consider – if you are ready, that is:

  • Spend less money – stop spending money you don’t have and lower the expenses you do have.
  • Sell stuff – we all have crap we don’t need or use anymore. Sell it all!
  • Get a side gig – or two or three. The more money you bring in the faster your debt will go down and the quicker you will build wealth.
  • Downsize – your car, your house, your lifestyle. You are not the Joneses. Quit trying to keep up with them.
  • No more debt – Everything going forward is paid for in cash. No money, no service.
  • Wheel and deal – make deals where possible with the people you owe. Do whatever it takes to knock out the debt as quickly as you can.
  • And last and most important – breathe!

This is all overwhelming – been there, done that. The calls, the mail, the burden – it’s all a bit much. The reality is you got yourself here, but as my life mantra says “I am where I am – now what?”

You are where you are – now what are you going to do about it?

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When It Rains, It Pours

There is one thing I can guarantee you – no matter where you live, it is going to rain.  Maybe just one day a year, but it will rain.  When it rains on you, are you prepared with an umbrella or are you going to get soaked?

The same way it will rain on you literally at some point this year, it will also rain on you figuratively.  Something unexpected is going to happen.  An emergency is going to happen.  Life is going to happen.  Do you have an umbrella or are you going to get soaked?

Right now, many people in this country are wishing they had an umbrella – even a small one.  It is raining on them right now.  They are not getting paid because of a situation that they couldn’t control.  Some were prepared, but many were not.  Some will be able to continue to pay their bills and put food on the table, but many will not.  This is just an example of what happens everyday in this country and in our lives.  Life happens – some things we know might happen and some things we have no clue are going to happen.  This is why an emergency fund (umbrella) is so important.  If really should be the number one priority in your finances.

So how big should your umbrella be in order to not get soaked the next time it rains.  Ideally, you want to have one year of expenses set aside.  But start somewhere, even $50. And just keep building it.  You want to get $1000 to $1500 as soon as you can.  This way you can handle a sprinkle if it comes through.  Next, set aside 3-6 months of expenses.  This will cover a regular rainstorm.  And then save up to one year of expenses.  This size umbrella will cover any storm that comes your way – sprinkle to hurricane.

It is going to rain this year.  Are you ready?  Today is the day to start.  Whether you are starting at the bottom, or building what you have into a bigger umbrella, today is the day.  As people find out each and every day, you never know when a storm is coming.  The best thing you can do is be prepared.  Having an umbrella can be the difference in the rain being just a little nuisance and it being a drowning storm.

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