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Awesome Budget Tips – Carrie Wilkerson

As promised on this week’s broadcast/podcast, I am sharing these great budget tips from @CarrieWilkerson.  She is a fellow motivational speaker and author and when I read this, I knew you needed it, even as a reminder, because I did.  What I loved about it is she, like me, didn’t sugar coat it.  Sometimes we share dessert with you, making what we have to say go do smooth.  But every so often we need to give you meat & vegetables to keep you healthy in your life and in your finances.  I hope you will read this the way it was intended – with lots of love and support.

You can win in your finances – you will win in your finances!  But the decision is yours.  You are the author of your own story!  Write a best seller!

Some budget tips…


+ If you want to make more, spend less. #truestory
+ If you’re complaining about being broke, spend less.
+ If you’re stressed about minimum payments or juggling dollars, spend less.
+ If you’re mad at yourself or your spouse or fighting about money, spend less.
+ If you’re jealous of other folks because of ______ then spend less.
+ If you want more choices about where to live, what to drive, where the kids go to school, quitting your job or having some options… SPEND LESS.

This is where it STARTS. YES – you can make more with your business. YES – you can still work to change your circumstance- but first SPEND LESS.


Evaluate EVERY expense. Is is NECESSARY or just something you ‘deserve’?

What if you did ‘without it’ for a few weeks/months? Would it change your quality of life?

Print out 3-6 months of credit card and debit card statements.

+ Highlight EVERY recurring charge.
+ Highlight EVERY disposable thing.
+ Highlight EVERY spontaneous purchase.
+ Highlight EVERY expense for something you don’t wear/play with/use/cook with/read or watch anymore.
+ Highlight EVERY unlicensed therapy expense (meaning you were self medicating with food/shopping/movies/girl time/drinks/etc.

Then… (here’s the hard part) – STOP THOSE THINGS.

Also – evaluate insurance, credit card rates, cable plans (unplug it), phone plans (downgrade) and new clothes (seriously. stop)

When I’m getting ahold of my sloppy financial habits again (this is a process, you know I’ve paid off boatloads of debt MORE THAN ONCE #slowlearner) —-



I UNSUBSCRIBE from email ‘sales and newsletters’ – can’t buy what I don’t see!

I THROW AWAY catalogs that come in the mail – they don’t even come INTO THE HOUSE. Do NOT fool yourself ‘I’m just getting ideas, I’m making a wishlist, I’m just planning for when I can afford it.’ – NO NO NO NO – THROW IT AWAY. It will still be available for purchase when you can afford it. THERE WILL BE ANOTHER SALE.

I do NOT click on Facebook ads (those things follow you around and wear you down until you cannot help but buy. STOP IT)!

I do NOT attend home parties or demonstrations or trade shows or craft fairs or open houses or garage sales or ANYTHING WITH THE CHANCE TO BUY. Not when I’m reining it in. NOPE.

I TAKE THE APPS off my phone… Amazon, Starbucks, Instacart, ZigZag, Macys – ALL OF IT — OFF THE PHONE. Y’all – they have us figured out… if we can purchase with a click and without a brain, they WANT THAT. STOP THAT MESS. TAKE OFF THE APPS.

During commercials on TV I pick a project. I might tidy the sink or move a load from washer to dryer or go outside with the dogs – I AVOID MARKETING MESSAGES. YES – this is extreme. So is debt. So is financial stress. So is bankruptcy. So is NOT PAYING YOUR BILLS.

I SHOP in my CLOSET. IF I see an outfit I like on someone else or on FB — I go into my closet and drawers and put together something similar. Or do without.

I grocery shop ONCE a week and plan meals ahead of time to avoid mealtime meltdown and drive through overspends.

I use cash instead of cards.
I think in terms of effort… “how many xx do I have to sell or hours do I have to work to pay for this delivery pizza instead of doing a frozen pizza?”

YES DELIVERY TASTES BETTER… but debt free tastes BEST. #TrustMe

Don’t be a victim to marketing messages, bad habits, lack of will power and deserve levels.

Think of what you what MOST (financial stress-lessness and freedom) instead of what you want NOW (cute shoes or a top).

Think of WHY you’re so quick to spend and what you are self-medicating about or delaying…

You can do this.
I do a spending freeze at least once a year. It’s not fun but it keeps me in check.

This is a TOUGH time of year to do it – but HONESTLY… the MOST EFFECTIVE time of year! If you wait until JANUARY… how many more THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS will you have overspent??

Change your habits. Change your life. #DareYa



Have a blessed day and please share this great information with your friends and followers!

Look out for Debbi’s new book, “50 Shades of Money”, in a few months.  Until then, check out her best selling , award winning book “The ABC’s of Personal Finance” on her website, or anywhere books are sold!

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The Silliest Thing I Ever Heard

Today, I heard something that really floored me.  A lady tweeted a negative comment to a colleague of mine and she said “Things cost more if you are poor, everything!”  At first I laughed at the absurdity of this statement, but then I began to realize she truly believed this.  And with this mindset, she is going to stay poor forever.

We all have the same opportunities.

We all pay the same thing for stuff.

We all can be millionaires.

These are all true statements, but you have to believe them in order for them to come true for you.  Everyone has the opportunity to get a job, excel at that job, move up in career and do well.  This is the same whether you work at McDonalds or a Fortune 500 company.  This isn’t determined by your education.  It is determined by your work ethic and believing in always doing your best.  It is the key to succeeding and going far – not your pay or where you work.  But if you choose to be a victim of your circumstances your whole life, you won’t go very far at all.  Some may have it a little bit easier, but where you end up is all up to you.

A loaf of bread cost the same for me as it does you.  A shirt or pair of jeans cost the same for me as it does for you.  Wal-Mart doesn’t run a D&B report in order to know what to charge you.  They charge everyone the exact same thing.  However, your ability to pay may be different than mine because of the choices that we have both made.  As stated in the previous paragraph, you job, career and pay are determined by how hard you are willing to work for it.  If you aren’t willing to work as hard as someone else, you may not have the same income as they do.  A manager at McDonald’s makes the same as an entry level bookkeeper.  One requires education and one doesn’t.  There are no excuses for getting what you want, but it is excuses that will keep you where you are.

We can all be millionaires.  Most of you aren’t sure about this one.  But if you invest just $100 a month from age 25-65 into a good growth stock mutual fund, you will have around $1.7 million when you retire.  And even the guy making minimum wage can find $100 a month.  You are where you are because of choices.  And you will end up where you end up because of choices.  If you choose cable, eating out, movies, car payments, cell phones, etc. over investing that $100, then you will not be a millionaire.  But if you choose to invest the $100 and build your budget around the rest of your pay, you will be a millionaire no matter where you work or what you make.

I really wish I could have had 2 minutes with the lady who wrote the comment.  Although, sadly, after the 2 minutes nothing probably would have changed.  You see, people want an excuse to stay where they are because it is hard work to succeed.  To succeed in your finances means you have to be a big boy/girl and put on your big boy/girl pants and make good decisions.  This can be challenging at times because it means saying no some things or maybe saying not now to others.  So we take the easy way out – or what seems to be the easy way.  However, I’ve been broke and it ain’t easy.  I find the life I have now much easier even though I don’t get everything I want.

To the lady who wrote the comment, let’s talk.  And to all of you out there, you can do it.  You can have a career, you can make a great income and you can make wise financial decisions that fall within the boundaries of that income.  I know people who make $200,000 a year and are broke and I know people who make $30,000 a year and are in great shape financially.  It is all about choices.  And if you are that $30,000 guy or gal, be grateful and content during this season, but don’t stay there.  Always be working toward bigger and better.  You are awesome and you are worth it and with a little hard work, you can get there!