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I Just Need More Time

More time – I need more time!

How many times have we said this – in our career, in our finances, in our relationships? We think all we need is more time and that will fix everything. But this is simply not true.

Our finances go deeper than time. I always thought I needed one more paycheck, one more month, one more year and then I would get my finances in order. But I was fooling myself. Time wasn’t my problem – my stinky money habits were my problem and this was something that more time wouldn’t fix.

This was something I had to fix. I had to get fed up with my situation enough to say, “That’s it! I’ve had it! I’m not going to live like this anymore”. And as many of you know, I had that revelation sitting on my living room floor 21 years ago.

So let me ask you – and it’s just me and you here – do you think all you need is more time? Giving more time to a sinking ship doesn’t keep it from sinking. And odds are giving you more time won’t miraculously fix your finances. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet your credit card companies and loan companies have given you more time already. So if more time hasn’t worked, what will work?

When you get fed up enough – like I did – there are many things you can do in order to pay down your debt, build your emergency fund and build wealth. Here are some for you to consider – if you are ready, that is:

  • Spend less money – stop spending money you don’t have and lower the expenses you do have.
  • Sell stuff – we all have crap we don’t need or use anymore. Sell it all!
  • Get a side gig – or two or three. The more money you bring in the faster your debt will go down and the quicker you will build wealth.
  • Downsize – your car, your house, your lifestyle. You are not the Joneses. Quit trying to keep up with them.
  • No more debt – Everything going forward is paid for in cash. No money, no service.
  • Wheel and deal – make deals where possible with the people you owe. Do whatever it takes to knock out the debt as quickly as you can.
  • And last and most important – breathe!

This is all overwhelming – been there, done that. The calls, the mail, the burden – it’s all a bit much. The reality is you got yourself here, but as my life mantra says “I am where I am – now what?”

You are where you are – now what are you going to do about it?

Let Debbi and her team help you. Visit us at You can do it!


Debbi is a personal finance expert, motivational speaker, and author of the award winning "The ABC's of Personal Finance", "26 Weeks to Wealth and Financial Freedom" and “50 Shades of Money”. In addition she hosts a worldwide weekly radio show and her advice has been seen in multiple media outlets including NBC News, Forbes, Money, US News, Experian just to name a few. Debbi has also been the President of Lovell Ministries since 2012.

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