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Why I Didn’t Buy a Microwave

45 days ago my microwave blew up – sparks flying everywhere, blew up.  Well, of course, a microwave is a need, right?  So I started shopping for the best bargain I could find.

3 days later, the least expensive one I could find was $70.  I remembered paying that just 2 years ago for the microwave that blew up.  That seemed a little pricey for something that would only last 2 years, so I decided to wait.  And since it was Christmas time, I challenged myself to see how long I could go without a microwave.

I thought my family wouldn’t last a week, but here we are 45 days later and still no microwave.  So, why haven’t I bought a microwave?  I have the money, not an issue.  It’s a need, right, so why haven’t I bought one?

During the 2 week challenge – waiting until the new year – I channeled my beloved grandmother and realized that she never had a microwave.  She cooked wonderful meals and great desserts, all without a microwave.  And I realized over the 2 week period, that I too could do everything I needed to do without a microwave.

I haven’t bought a microwave yet because I am perfectly content without one.  Do some things take me a little longer – sure.  But this gives me time with my family as we prepare meals together.  Without a microwave, I can’t make all of those wonderful frozen dinners that are so convenient.  This means I am cooking more natural meals and eating healthier.  So far, there has been no reason for me to purchase a new microwave.

I’m not writing this to tell you to get rid of your microwave – I am writing this to encourage you to challenge yourself more before you buy something.  Make sure it is going to bring value to your life.  I took my $70 and put it toward our 10 day cruise in April – that brings me more value than a microwave.

We can have anything, not everything.  We must evaluate closely what we need and what we think we need.  Most people would classify a microwave as a need – I would have too 45 days ago.  But having lived without it now for a while, I realize it is not as “needed” as I thought it was.  Take the time to evaluate your purchases, give yourself a short time to discern your true need, and then decide whether to buy or not.  I think you will be surprised at how many purchases you will choose not to make and how much money you will have to invest in your future and spend on things of value to you.

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Debbi is a personal finance expert, motivational speaker, and author of the award winning "The ABC's of Personal Finance", "26 Weeks to Wealth and Financial Freedom" and “50 Shades of Money”. In addition she hosts a worldwide weekly radio show and her advice has been seen in multiple media outlets including NBC News, Forbes, Money, US News, Experian just to name a few. Debbi has also been the President of Lovell Ministries since 2012.

One thought on “Why I Didn’t Buy a Microwave

  1. Awww. I really like this. Funnily enough I challenged myself to going without a microwave in college. I proudly made it work for a semester but efficiency was key back then.

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