Why Lord Why?


We ask this question a lot whether we are a person of faith or not.  This morning I am, as a person of faith, asking it about the death of a loved one.  We ask this question when we are stressed, depressed and don’t know what to do.  Many of you have asked this question recently in the area of your finances – “Why Lord why is this happening to me?  Why do I owe so much, why are the creditors calling me, why is nothing good happening to me?”

The answer is more simple than you think when it comes to your money.  This is going to hurt, but it has to be said – you are where you are because of you.  Ouch!  Now I’ve pulled the Band-Aid off so let the healing begin.

You may be praying for a miracle, but you don’t need a miracle.  You just need to make a decision to get out of debt and do it.  You are probably saying, “But Debbi, you don’t know what I’ve been though.” “Debbi, I had no choice but to go into debt”.  Hogwash – on both counts.  I do know what you have been through and I know you did have a choice.  The only way I ridded myself of $200,000 in debt was to realize I did have a choice and to understand that the answer to the question “Why Lord Why” was because I made bad decisions.  I mortgaged my future for something that I had to have even though I didn’t have the money to buy it.  This holds true whether it is credit card debt, a car loan, or even a student loan.  You can go to college debt free, but you chose not to.  You can buy a working car with cash, but you chose not to.  You can live without a computer, iPad, iPhone, etc, but you chose not to.

I cannot say this enough – you are where you are because of the choices you made.  The good news is you can get out of debt the same way – by the choices you make.  You can choose to sell your car and buy one with cash.  You can choose to not take a vacation this year.  You can choose to get a prepaid cell phone.  You can choose to rent a movie instead of going out.  You can choose to cook at home instead of eating out.  Getting out of debt is a choice, just like getting into debt is.  And it can be done – I’ve done it and so have countless millions.

So here’s the real question – “Why am I not choosing to get out of debt?”  What is holding you back?  If it is knowledge, then get it.  We offer coaching programs, I have two award winning books, and so do countless other  great personal finance experts.  The knowledge is out there.  If it is excuses, throw them out.  Every time you find yourself making an excuse, replace it with a positive choice.  If it is because you think you can’t, I am here to tell you you can!  If it is because you don’t want to sacrifice, then I can’t help you.

You are the answer to the change you want to see in your finances.  You are the answer to the question “Why Lord Why?” in the area of your money.  Maybe you’ve had some bad luck that was out of your control – lost a job, etc. – but if you had money instead of debt, it would have worked out much differently.  You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it and change the future.  I hope today you will choose to make that change and begin your journey to wealth and financial freedom.


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Christmas Shopping Tips You Must See


This time of year, there are hundreds even thousands of blog posts with savings tips for your Christmas shopping – the biggest shopping time of the year.  I didn’t want to be left out.  However, I am sharing tips that I never knew about until my journey to financial freedom.  I hope these tips will be new and exciting for you and if not, at least a great reminder.

  1. Buy only what you can truly afford to pay cash for – This may mean that you buy nothing this year.  Maybe you only buy a thought gift for a few of your closest family members or you buy one big family gift that everyone can enjoy.  Whatever it means, be honest and authentic when it comes to gift buying and the Christmas season.  Society and even the people we love the most sometimes make us feel like we must buy something for everyone we know.  Etiquette  tells us to reciprocate gift giving – meaning if someone buys for you, you need to buy for them.  Many of us buy simply out of obligation or so the other person won’t “look badly upon us”.  This is all hogwash.  You have to live your authentic life and your authentic life may be that you can’t buy anything this year.  I am going to share tips on how to buy thought gifts and maybe that is all you can do.  But no matter what, buy only what you truly can afford to buy in cash and only what you really want to buy.  Christmas is not a time to see who can buy the bigger and better present.  It is a time for family & friends and reflection on who we are and where we are going.  So if you are getting out of debt or your budget simply can’t handle anything or just a small amount this year, I am telling you that is okay.
  2.  Buy gifts in sets and break them up – I have bought my mom, my aunts, and others like my hairdresser and staff gorgeous gifts that have cost under $10 – I’m talking brand names like Lenox and real pearl earrings like Honora pearls.  The first time I thought about this was watching @QVC, but you can find these gift sets anywhere.  And make no mistake – these gifts are not small or cheesy and they are not something that someone will shove in a closet.  They are gorgeous gifts that people will be proud to wear and display.  Sometimes we think that if we buy a gift set, we have to give the whole set to one person.  This is simply not true.  That is what they make gift bags for.
  3. Regifting is okay – You may be saying, “Oh Lord Debbi, now you are crossing a line.”  No I am not.  Listen, if you have something that someone, out of the kindness of their heart gave you, but it is just not your thing, then give it to someone who would enjoy it (just make sure it is not the person who gave it to you).  It is wasteful to have something sitting in your house collecting dust because you aren’t using it.  Many people would call this tacky but I call it paying it forward.  Someone thought of me, but I couldn’t use the item, so I am going to give it to someone I am thinking about who can use it.  This can apply to gifts or gift cards.  One year, my husband and I received a gift card to a place we do not go to.  However, my cat sitter did so we gifted it to her.  We didn’t announce it – we just gave it to her and she was very happy which is what matters in the end.  And yes, there are people who may do a follow up interview regarding the gift they gave you – don’t lie.  Just simply say “We haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but we really appreciate you thinking of us.”  This is one where you need to use your discretion, but don’t rule it out.  Do what is right for you.
  4. Handmade gifts are not tacky – One of the least expensive handmade gifts to give are the mixes in a jar.  It can be soup, cookies, hot chocolate or any other wonderful treat.  This lets someone know you were thinking of them, but it doesn’t break the budget.  One year, I went to Michael’s and bought unpainted wooden reindeer shapes.  I painted them brown, added eyes and a pompom nose and a string for hanging.  This cost me less than a dollar and I still have family members who hang it on their tree every year.  It may seem cheap to you (and yes it will come across cheap to some receivers as well), but they are perfectly good gifts and if someone has a problem, it is their issue, not yours.

For many of us, Christmas can be an extremely stressful time, but there is no need for it to be.  We are not put here to live our lives for other people and this includes during Christmas.  We are put here to be ourselves, to be true to ourselves and to live our authentic lives.  For you, this may mean using one of the tips above when it comes to presents instead of putting a strain on your finances by buying too many gifts for too much money.  It may also mean you finally bring your favorite Christmas tie or sweater out of hiding.  It also may mean that you spend a few less minutes at the family gathering this year.  Whatever it means, do it!  Do what you want to do, do what makes you happy, and have a very Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday season you celebrate).

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Prosperity Formula


As in many areas of our life, we tend to overcomplicate our finances.  I know I did.  But the reality is that money, winning with money, building wealth, prospering, and obtaining and maintaining financial freedom is really quite simple – spend less than you make, save and invest in your future.

We are instructed to put 1/10th of everything we make in the storehouse so that we may have food in the future.  This simply means save and invest 10% of everything you make so that you will always have what you need.  If you do this, you will prosper.  However, most of us do not do this.  We put it off thinking we have time, we are selfish and want stuff now and we think it will all work out in the end.

But when you think about it, it should be super simple.  For every $100 you make, you save/invest $10 and you get to do whatever you want with the other $90.  However, we tend to get greedy and want all 100 of the dollars (and more).  When you are looking at your finances and trying to figure out the issues, begin here – are you storing up your tenth or are you spending it now?

The bottom line is this – if you spend less than you make, you will be prosperous.  If you spend more than you make, you will be broke.  The problem isn’t how much you make, but what you do with it.  This is why most people who win the lottery are broke within the first few years.  Odds are if you are broke, more money won’t fix the problem.  However, a combination of more money and less expenses just might (setting aside 10% or more in savings/investments).

As long as you live on less than you make, you will always have money!



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Justifiable Homicide


My daughter just got back from a student leadership conference where she studied how to be a leader and learned about the field she wants to major in – forensic psychology.  So for the last few days I have heard a lot about murder and police work.  Now by this point you are probably thinking what does this have to do with money.

Everyday, many of us are committing what I call justifiable homicide with our money.  We make immediate decisions in the area of our finances without taking the time to think them through.  And in the process, we are killing our finances.  But that’s okay because we can justify everything, so don’t worry, right?

Wrong!  Justifying is simply making an excuse when you know you made a mistake.  It is okay to make mistakes – it is how we learn, but you can’t grow if you are not learning from them and instead you are justifying and making excuses as to why you did what you did.  Today is the day to throw out your excuse bag – no more excuses!

Homicide is bad, whether you have a reason or not, and if affects many lives, not just your own.  This is the same thing that happens when you make rash decisions in the area of your money.  The outcome is never good even if you can justify it.  So what does this mean and what is my point?  Odds are justification and excuses are playing a larger role in your financial issues than you think.  Now, part of my decision process when buying something is why am I buying it and if that reason has an excuse attached or is a justification, I don’t buy it.  When you have the money and it is the right thing, there is no need for excuses or justification.

In this country right now, there are a lot of homicides happening that fall under the category of “justifiable”.  But the consequences are still horrible and the life, an important life, is still lost.  Stop committing justifiable homicide in your finances.  It is hurting you more than you know and is probably hurting those around you as well.  Throw out your excuse bag, put on your big boy/girl pants, and change your finances!  I went from a single mom making $10,000 a year and being $200,000 in debt to financial freedom – I know you can do it!!

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Are There Any Advantages to a PayDay Loan?


The answer to the question is flat out “no”!  But you know me, I won’t say yes or no without a reason.  This particular no has many components to it.  But before I get to those, let’s discuss what a payday loan is and why people use them.

The What – A payday loan is just that – it is a loan to get your through a financial crisis until payday.  The problem is that once payday rolls around, unless you won the lottery, you still don’t have the money. It sounds easy because you know you will have money once you get paid again; however, what we tend to forget is that that money is spoken for already which means jumping right back on the hamster wheel for another ride.

The Why – When you are not prepared for the rain, you will get wet.  You need an umbrella – a rainy day fund – to cover you when it rains because it will.  Not having this rainy day fund makes us desperate when something happens.  We panic and we are attracted to offers like the payday loan lenders make – basically we will give you the money now and you can deal with it when you get paid.

Why “no” – The way payday loans really work is why there are no advantages to them.  They work like this – you take out a $500 loan.  When you get paid, your loan is due with interest (up to 1000% or more).  One of 2 things happen – either you can’t pay it so they reset it or you pay it and come up short again and have to take out another loan.  They have basically set you up to fail.  There are no regulations on the amount of interest that they can charge you in most states and it has been known to go as high as 1000% – yes that is 3 zeros.

Payday loans were designed to prey on the poor and the desperate.  When you don’t have the money to pay for something and you consider it an emergency, you will sell your soul to take care of it and they know this.  What you are really doing is just digging your hole deeper and deeper making it harder to get out.

How can you stop the “need” for payday loans?  First, you have to have an emergency fund in place, even $100 to start so that this doesn’t happen again.  Make it a priority to build it up so that when something happens you are prepared.  If you have a payday loan currently, pay it off as quickly as possible.  Sell stuff, cut back, eat Raman noodles – do whatever it takes to pay it off and stop the madness.  The sole purpose of these loans is to make money off of the hurting.  Put yourself into a position where you don’t “need” them and together we can put them out of business.

The ABC's of Personal Finance Book
The ABC’s of Personal Finance Book

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness or Can It?


This beautiful lady is my grandmother.  I was thinking of her yesterday as I do everyday.  Yesterday would have been her birthday.  She is in heaven now, but she lived 102 wonderful years here on this earth.  Having lived that long, she obviously did a lot of things right.  The thing I remember the most is her smile.  She always had a smile.  Even if she was fussing at my daddy in her later years, she would smile while doing it.  She was happy no matter where she was – when she lived alone because my grandfather was in a nursing home, when she lived alone after he died, even when she was in a nursing home.

Now I’m sure she had moments – my family tells stories sometimes that I find hard to believe.  But this is because her overall demeanor was happy and positive.  When I began my journey to go from $200,000 in debt to financial freedom, my grandmother was one of the first people I looked to to learn from.  Not because she had money, but because she didn’t.

How could she be so happy and be poor?  At the time, I couldn’t understand it, but now I can.  She was happy with life.  She lived everyday to the fullest and I believe this contributed to her living longer.  She also was very content.  Even when she needed clothes, she always wanted that money to be spent on someone else, usually a grandchild.  She didn’t need “stuff”.

I just read a great post from the @DebtFreeGuys about whether you are a “TP” or an “EP” – things person or experience person.  Most people can’t afford to be both and they go broke trying.  That is what happened to me.  I was trying to own everything my parents owned as well as take trips and do things that I enjoyed and convinced myself that I deserved.  Today, having gone through everything I went through – from bankruptcy to financial freedom – I can truly say I am an “EP” just like my grandma.

Now to answer the question posed in the title – money cannot buy happiness, but many times it takes money to do what makes you happy.  It takes money to buy things and it takes money to have some experiences.  What makes me the happiest is the beach (or the lake).  For me to go there and to hopefully one day live there, that will take money.  But how I do it will determine how much.  I don’t need granite countertops, 3 bedrooms, fancy amenities – I just need a bed, a bath, a kitchen and oceanfront.  This will cost me less than trying to have the experience and the stuff.

Determine your dreams – what makes you truly happy – and set up your finances accordingly.  Budget, set goals, and save to pay cash for those dreams because debt can turn a dream into a nightmare in about 3 seconds.  Live the dream and be happy – live to be 102!

The ABC's of Personal Finance Book
                         The ABC’s of Personal Finance Book

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College – Is It Worth the Investment?

Clemson's Tillman Hall
Clemson’s Tillman Hall

Today on Twitter, I was participating in a chat on this very subject.  And, as always, I was truly fascinated by the answers to the question and a little concerned.  As a majority, we tend to see college as a must.  We even go so far as to look down on those without a college degree.  But realistically, college isn’t for everyone and in many cases isn’t even necessary.  College is only worth the investment if it is needed and if it is approached wisely and with a plan.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to go to school debt free.  And it was understood that I would go to college when I graduated, basically for the reason I stated above.  No one bothered to ask me what I was passionate about – no one bothered to help me find out what I would love to do every day if money wasn’t a factor.  I just went to college and got a degree in a subject that I was good at in school and had a decent pay grade in the workforce.

And I was miserable for the first 15 years of my adult life.  Many of our youth are heading to college because they are pressured into believing that it is the next logical step.  Guidance counselors are giving out the emails of all students with decent grades to colleges so that they can bombard them with propaganda to come to their school.  The pressure is high and as a result is creating a problem in this country.  We currently have $1.2 trillion in student loan debt.  And much of that debt is for degrees that were never finished or never used.

When deciding for yourself or helping your child decide what to do after high school, consider these 3 tips and consider them in the order that is presented.

  1. What is your passion? – Many careers don’t require a college education.  Some require no experience, some a certificate and some a small amount of vocational schooling.  Before you can decide what education path to take, you must first decide what you want to do – not just a j-o-b, but a career and a passion.  I always throw out the question “What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?”.  The saying “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” is so true.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find this out until later in life, but I am so happy I did.  Because now I am doing what I love and I am guiding my 17 year old daughter to her passion – which by the way doesn’t require a college degree.  And odds are she will make more money than most because she will be working for herself.  Owning a small business is a great way to accomplish your passion and make lots of money if done correctly.  You should take some business courses, but it doesn’t require a degree – just some awesome mentoring from those who have been successful.
  2. What is the best way for me to get the education I need? – Once you determine the level of education you need, you then need to find the best way to get that education without becoming part of the statistic above.  You can pay for a 4 year degree with cash and without the help of parents, but you can only do it with a plan and determination.  You have no idea what your first job is going to be or how much you are actually going to be making.  Don’t mortgage your next 20 years if you don’t have to (and you don’t).
  3. Pay cash – This option is harder and may take a little longer, but I promise you it is the best way to invest in your future.  This is where I lose most people – if I haven’t already.  First of all, people don’t believe it can be done.  And secondly, they don’t want to do the work to make it happen.  Yes, it is easier now to sign up for the student loan.  But as millions are finding out, it is not the easiest in the long run.

Here’s the bottom line – I loved every minute of my college experience, but I wasn’t a fan of the 15 years I spent being miserable and not doing something that I was passionate about.  I was working a j-o-b to pay the b-i-l-l-s.  So find what you love to do, wisely get the education you need to get to follow that passion and do it with cash.  Live your dreams!

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